Epoxy Pipe Lining

The pipe restoration process using ACE DuraFlo’s ePIPE is modeled in this animated video. ACE DuraFlo provides and alternative to re-piping by using in place pipe restoration that doesn’t destroy walls, floors, ceilings or foundations. Learn more at http://www.aceduraflo.com

E-Pipe - Epoxy Pipe Lining

Epoxy Type Lining

A number of factors can cause corrosion in piping systems which eventually results to pinhole leaks,and other major plumbing system failures. Scaling and build-up or mineral build-up snowballs, eventually forming a detrimental pipe lining that decreases pipe diameter, reducing water flow to a trickle. The e pipe solution, ACE DuraFlo stands as a viable alternative to a complete re-piping. The ACE DuraFlo ePIPE system is affordable and effective pipe restoration at its best.

Swimming Pool Leaks

Pool leak repair specialist, our patented water and pool leak technology stops leaks without digging, trenching or breaking concrete. If you have a swimming pool leak and prefer trench-less repairs call today for an estimate.  

Potable Water Line

Truly an alternative to repiping, the ACE DuraFlo system provides “in-place” pipe restoration technology that limits destruction to walls, floors, ceilings, foundations and swimming pools. As the industry leader and technological innovator, ACE DuraFlo meets local, national, and international standards as well as the National Sanitation Foundation’s (NSF) 61 approval for drinking water. ACE DuraFlo’s product is UPC listed and IPC compliant – providing an effective, clean, safe and, most of all, healthy solution for piping failures.

Pipe Restoration Services – The Process

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Air hoses are connected to the piping system. The isolated system is then dried with preheated, filtered air.



The dried pipes are cleaned using an air and abrasive mixture that prepares the inside surface of the pipes for proper bonding of the epoxy. An air and corundum mixture is used to sandblast the inside of the leaky or corroded pipes.



The final stage of the ePIPE¨ pipe restoration and corroded pipe repair process is the application of the copper pipe epoxy coating lining to the system.